DIY Flat Roof Repairs: Are They a Good Idea?

Most property owners understand how important it is to maintain their building, uphold its resale value and ensure it stays comfortable for residents. This is especially true for properties with flat roofs in cities like Toronto, where humid summers and snowy winters place great strain on roofs.

Every season brings with it specific tasks that need to be performed. With spring approaching, it’s time to think about larger projects that can only be undertaken during the warmer months.

Considering how hard Canadian winters can be on flat roofs, property owners must weigh the pros and cons of repairing them themselves. It is after all a complicated process that involves significant financial outlay. This is the main reason some owners are tempted to take the task on themselves as a DIY summer project. While it might seem like a good way to save money, it’s best left to professionals.

Don’t believe us? Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t attempt a DIY fix for your flat roof repair.

Reasons to Steer Clear of DIY Flat Roof Repair


  1. You Lack Knowledge and Experience

Unless you have extensive experience, doing your roof repairs is asking for trouble for you and your building. Not knowing how to install or repair a new roof, what its different elements are or how they work together can make your building vulnerable to damage.

  1. Safety Issues May Arise

Unfortunately, many property owners don’t know how to properly venture out onto their own rooftop. The result can be serious (or fatal) injury from accidents like falling off the roof or going through it.  Dangerous tools, like nail guns or crowbars, scattered about make a perfect recipe for disaster. Don’t put yourself or your residents in harm’s way. Injuries can be very real when working on a flat roof and trying to make repairs without safety equipment is risky. It’s best to let a flat roof contractor deal with repairs as they have the experience to perform these tasks safely. Additionally, they will use specialized tools/equipment you don’t have to prevent accidents.

  1. You May Do More Harm Than Good

It’s not only your safety you need to think of but that of your entire building. A roof that hasn’t been repaired properly can put your whole property at risk. Even minor roof issues can translate into big problems for the whole structure.

For instance, one of the most significant jobs of a ‘flat’ roof is to prevent water from ponding on its surface. Its slight sloping ensures that water doesn’t accumulate and instead flows into gutters, which keeps it from falling near the foundation. There may also be downspouts that transfer the water away from the foundation. Improperly repairing any of these components can put not only your roof deck in danger but excess pooled water can seep into the soil and threaten the building’s foundation. This is another reason why it’s necessary to be familiar with the different components of a roof, something only professionals will be well acquainted with.

  1. You May Void Your Warranty

When you have new roofing installed, the warranty attached to the materials can last over 30 years. Attempting to repair your roof yourself can void that warranty. Both roof installation and repairs need to be performed by a licensed contractor; if something happens after installation, they will come back to fix it. When you work on your roof, only you are liable for anything that goes wrong.

  1. You’ll Waste Time and Money

You may think you’ll save money repairing the flat roof yourself, but you won’t. The main problem is that you’ll likely compromise its integrity. It’s easy to get in over your head and waste precious time and dollars, even if you take the utmost care. Remember, flat roof repairs are time-consuming and labour-intensive. Since the roof is such an integral part of your building, it’s best to hire a professional who will work meticulously to ensure the job is done right.

We all like to think of ourselves as self-sufficient, but issues outside of our sphere of expertise are best left to the professionals. A roofing contractor will make repairs when needed at a reasonable cost. Taking care of your roof professionally now will save you time and money in the future. Since a healthy building means healthier inhabitants, it’s best to trust its care and maintenance to an experienced professional.

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