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AccuSeal Roofing Repairs And
Maintenance Services


  • Roof maintenance

    New Roof Installations

    Accuseal Roofing Provides Solutions To Your Most Complex New Roof Installations In A Cost-Effective Manner.

  • Roof repairing

    Re-Roofing Flat Roofs

    Accuseal Roofing Can Perform Installations of New Membrane Over Existing Roofing Systems.

  • Re-roofing service

    Major And Minor Roof Repairs

    Accuseal Roofing Takes Care Of All Major and Minor Roof Repairs Quickly.

  • New roof installation

    Planned Roof Maintenance Programs

    Accuseal Roofing Offers Inspections and Planned Roof Maintenance Programs.

  • Snow removal service

    Flat Roof Winter Ice And Snow Removal

    AccuSeal Roofing provides Winter Ice and Snow Removal – Year-Round Service

  • Roof replacement service

    Complete Removal and Replacement of Flat Roofs

    AccuSeal Roofing will gladly do Complete Removal and Replacement of Flat Roofs

  • Roofing consultation

    Full Roofing Consultations

    AccuSeal Roofing provides Full Roofing Consultations

  • Sleeper and curb installations

    Sleeper & Curb Installations

    We also do Sleeper and Curb Installations

  • Industrial, Commercial and Residential

    Roofing Experts

    Why should you choose AccuSeal Roofing Ltd.?

    • We have been in business since 1989
    • Expertise with over 35 years of roofing experience in GTA Ontario
    • Complete modern roofing equipment to handle any size roof job from minor to major flat roof repairs
    • CSA top-quality industrial, commercial and residential roofing materials to work with most industry-required systems and installation types
    • Leak-free protection guaranteed to seal and protect your home or business
    • Efficient work flow and best in class professional workmanship. We believe in taking the time to do the job right the first time around
    • Competitive pricing
    • All new applications are fully guaranteed, our free estimates are guaranteed for 90 days
    Industrial roofing men at work