Top 6 Qualities a Professional Roofing Company Must Have

Be it a residential or commercial property, your roof shields you day and night against intruders and the elements. This makes it vital that you take care of issues as soon as they appear. Whether you’re dealing with a severely damaged roof or a simple leak, you should hire professionals who can offer high-quality services and whose work will last a long time. Finding a reputable company, though, can be challenging, with so many choices available. Some roofers are only interested in making a profit, and failing to screen them could mean that you receive low-quality service; you might even end up paying much more than you expected. Read this blog to discover some tips to help you choose the right roofing company for your property.

Qualities to Look for in Professional Roofing Contractors

Certain qualities will tell you whether the roofing company you are hiring is a reliable one or not.

  1. Credentials

The roofers you hire should provide proof of the licenses that allow them to work in your area. Their papers, including liability coverage and worker’s compensation, should be up to date, as these are necessary if an accident takes place on your property. Also, make sure that everyone working on the project is certified and trained. If you have a commercial building, it will have to undergo regular inspections. As the owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your roof is in the best condition possible.

  1. Insurance

Hiring a contractor to work on your property’s roof without proper insurance coverage is a huge risk. Make sure your contractor has these coverages:

  • Worker’s Compensation – A monetary benefit that helps cover minor and major injuries the worker has a possibility of sustaining during their employment.
  • Liability Insurance – Also known as third-party insurance, it’s part of the general insurance system to help cover injuries that may happen on the worksite.


  1. Location

When choosing a roofing contractor, it’s best to hire locally. Contractors in your town will have a certain reputation you can check up on, making it easier for you to understand what to expect when hiring them. It’ll also be easier for you to find and contact them again if something goes wrong and they’ll be able to address the issue promptly.

  1. Estimates/Quotes

Ensure that the quote you get isn’t vague or simply a flat fee. A professional roofing company should be able to provide an estimate that’s as accurate as possible. These should include important details such as the approximate cost of labour, materials and other expenses. This will help you understand whether their expenses will fit within your budget and ensure that you don’t end up paying much more than necessary.

If you have a tight budget, it could be tempting to choose a company that offers lower estimates than their competitors. Be careful. Roofers offering very low rates may very well be offering subpar materials to save money and outbid competitors. This will cost you more in the long run and, in severe cases, could lead to total roof failure.

Also, steer clear of roofers who only offer verbal estimates instead of written ones. A professional company will provide a written estimate of expenses at the end of your consultation. Read it carefully, and, if you have any questions, ask them. You should be able to take your time making a decision without any form of pressure from your contractors. A company that pressures their clients into signing a contract is possibly only looking to close the sale, without offering great service.

  1. Genuine Testimonials

Good roofing companies generally ask former clients for feedbacks. Look for genuine reviews by customers on Google, Yelp or Yellow pages. These reviews help you better understand the quality of their services and products. Additionally, you will find out about their efficiency, professionalism, reliability, trustworthiness and dependability from people who have experienced it.

If the roofing company you’re looking into doesn’t have their own website, ask for the references personally. Later, if needed, you can reach out to their former clients.

  1. Communication

Make sure that you establish a clear line of communication with your roofer to avoid frustration. This is vital as you need to know when they’ll arrive and they need to be able to inform you of any changes to their schedule. Likewise, they should be responsive in addressing your questions and concerns.

The costs you incur hiring unethical and inexperienced roofing companies can be high. That’s why, as a property owner, you need to carefully screen your roofers before hiring them. Following these suggestions will help ensure the physical integrity of your property for years to come so you don’t end up burning a hole in your pocket paying for repairs.

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