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  • Roof Replacement VS Roof Repairs

    Which is Better?

    We understand that flat roof replacement can be expensive which is why most people prefer to postpone it for as long as possible. However, they do not realize that this will only increase the chances of further damage to their roof, eventually leading to more expenses.

    Many of our customers have asked us how to know whether to opt for roof repairs or replacement. We are here to help you determine this.

    5 Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether to Replace or Repair Your Roof

    • Age of Your Roof
      We believe it is one of the most crucial aspects that can help you determine what to do. If the roof is in good shape, but only a portion of it is damaged, you can choose to get it repaired. However, if it has been around 15-20 years since installing your roof, you might want to consider calling professional roofing contractors to replace it with a new one. This is because the average lifespan of a roof is around 20 years.
    • Materials Used
      Although age plays a significant role, you must also consider the type of components used to build the roof. While particular materials can last long, others tend to wear quickly due to exposure to harsh weather conditions. You must also take into account the frequency of maintenance because it helps to keep the roof in excellent shape.
    • Leakage and Other Water Damage
      Once water seeps beneath the roof shingles, it can cause severe damage, often leading to a roof replacement. If you spot any signs of moisture inside your home, including wet spots on the ceiling, peeling paint on the adjacent walls or mould growing on them, it is wise to replace the entire roof instead of attempting to repair it.
    • Recent Disaster
      Natural disasters such as a hurricane, a violent storm, or a tornado can cause extensive damage to your roof. In such situations, it is best to opt for roof replacement.
    • Intent to Sell
      If you are planning to sell your home in the future and are having many roofing problems such as leakage, missing shingles, peeling paint and more, it would be wise to get your roof replaced. On the other hand, if it is in good condition, you should choose to repair only the damaged portions. This can enhance the overall value of your property.
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