7 Reasons a Commercial Roofing Company Is Best for Your Roof

Your commercial building’s roof is its first line of defence against the elements. So when it comes to repair and maintenance, it’s vital to think about your options carefully. Remember, a damaged roof is a threat to the entire structure.

While it may be tempting to hire a general repair contractor advertising low prices, don’t. They generally don’t know how to handle specific roofing issues. The integrity of your property requires a professional commercial roofing company with a dedicated team of experts.

Here, we outline the reasons why it’s better to hire experienced professionals over general contractors.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Roofing Company Instead of a General Contractor

Here are some reasons why choosing a top-quality commercial roofing company is important for your property.


1. Comprehensive Knowledge

Commercial and residential roofing systems differ greatly and only an experienced professional will know how to deal with the issues that arise with each.

When it comes to a commercial roofing system, an expert will be able to identify problems and service them properly. If you go with a general repair contractor, your roof runs the risk of suffering premature damages, resulting in higher costs in the long run.

Moreover, experts working for a commercial roofing company will know the standards, guidelines, warranties and building codes that apply to your property. Repair contractors typically don’t specialize in roofing, so may not.

Whether your roof needs a repair, inspection, or installation, a commercial roofing company will give you peace of mind knowing its problems will be addressed promptly.

2. Legitimate Certifications and Licensing

With an expert industrial or commercial roofing company, you will have a professional with the necessary qualifications, including training certificates, liability coverage, and insurance. Furthermore, they will be able to offer proof of the licensing and updated paperwork that lets them practice in your province.

While a general repair contractor may also have these qualifications, a commercial roofing expert will have documents specifically pertaining to industrial roofing systems.

3. Safety

Installing a new roofing system or fixing an existing one can be dangerous, even for professionals. When you hire a commercial roofing contractor, you can rest assured knowing they use suitable safety gear and equipment to avoid accidents.

4. Long-Term Solutions

Experienced commercial roofing contractors offer high-quality services. They meet all guidelines, warranties, and building codes to complete the job at hand properly. When it comes to the roof on your commercial property, you need the best materials and services – and a commercial roofing contractor offers just that. This, in turn, will help extend your roof’s lifespan.

5. Knowledge of Different Roofing Systems

Commercial roofs typically have more than one layer. Furthermore, if your property has undergone an expansion, it’s possible there may be more than one roofing system, to ensure the property remains secure and safe. In such instances, finding the damage is the first problem. Next is determining how the damage can be repaired, as different roofing systems require different maintenance and repair. A commercial roofing company will know their way around different systems and employ the best methods and materials to repair and maintain them.

6. Extensive Warranties

It’s worth noting that general repair contractors typically don’t offer manufacturer warranties or coverage of their workmanship. This means that if the roof isn’t properly installed or repaired, it may take time for damage to become visible; in this case, your insurance provider may refuse to pay for it.

Moreover, if your general repair contractor goes out of business or won’t fix the issue for whatever reason, you’ll most likely have to pay for additional repair work. This is something you won’t have to worry about with a commercial roofing contractor, as they offer warranties on their products and workmanship.

7. Periodic Maintenance

Just like every part of any property requires periodic maintenance, your commercial roof needs to be checked regularly. This means avoiding shortcuts and temporary fixes at all costs to ensure you don’t spend too much time or money. When maintenance and repair work isn’t done correctly, the structural integrity of your roof (and subsequently the building) can become compromised.

But experienced commercial roofers emphasize long-term safety and roof longevity. Instead of using the same approach to various types of minor repairs, they offer custom solutions, like flashing and patches suitable to your roof’s health. Their quality repairs make long-term maintenance easy for the property owner.

Regardless of the size and scope of your commercial roof, it’s best to work with professional commercial roofing professionals. This ensures that your property is in good hands as they can access the right equipment, materials and knowledge to overcome challenges and emergencies. It’s never worth gambling with your roof’s integrity. After all, the building and the people in it are your responsibility.

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