Top 7 Benefits of EPDM Roof Coating (A Quick Overview)

Are you a homeowner looking for a new flat roofing system? Obviously, you want one that’ll last a long time and keep your roof in good shape. There are many roofing materials available, some better than others. One to consider is EPDM.

Short for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, it offers many benefits to you and your property. When installed by professional roofing contractors, EPDM has the potential to last more than 30 years. It’s an effective way to protect both residential and commercial properties with flat roofs.

So, what does it have to offer?

The Advantages of EPDM Roofing Membrane

Let’s see why you should choose EPDM for your flat roof over other materials.

  1. It’s Long-Lasting

Rubber roofing is made with durable materials that offer high-quality performance over a long time. It’s suitable for low-sloped and flat roofs and is great at keeping water from penetrating the building and preventing leaks. This makes it a popular choice for property owners looking to waterproof their roof.

EPDM is suitable for extensions, green roofs, garages and dormer roofs with either a cold or warm deck design. It’s a resilient material that isn’t affected by changing weather. In fact, it will remain flexible on the coldest days, meaning it won’t shatter or crack. Unlike other roofing materials, EPDM maintains its integrity and won’t deteriorate over time.

  1. It’s Simple to Install

EPDM roofing has been designed for exceptional ease of application and employs fewer seams than other types of roofing, including modified bitumen. This allows for a simpler and smoother application process, making it suitable for re-roofing occupied buildings. The simplicity of laying down this type of roofing allows a new flat roof to be installed with very little disruption to your daily schedule. It’s easy and foolproof application ensures you achieve a superior membrane without compromising on durability. Some EPDM roofs are tough enough to walk on, so you can reach and perfect every square inch.

  1. It’s Lightweight and Flexible

Foot traffic is a major problem on flat roofs. To minimize harm, most property owners limit foot traffic by only allowing certain personnel to perform particular tasks. During extreme weather conditions, these individuals should take extra care not to puncture or cause other forms of damage to the roof. This is where properties with EPDM benefit. Being lightweight, it doesn’t place any extra stress on the building, especially under extreme weather conditions. Additionally, its flexibility allows the material to be installed at any time of the year, making it suitable for all climates. It adapts well to fluctuations in temperature and is available in both white and black, making it a good choice for both warm and cool climates.

  1. It Saves on Energy

EPDM can easily be applied with polyiso insulation and, as mentioned, is available in white. These two attributes make for energy efficient roofing. When properly installed, it’s great for keeping out the sun’s heat and keeps warmth within the building when the temperature drops. EPDM can also be coated to extend its lifespan and offer additional reflectivity; this in turn offers greater energy efficiency. There’s a range of thicknesses to choose from, such as 45, 60, 75 and 90 ml, which a professional roofing company will have experience dealing with.

  1. It’s Eco-Friendly

If you’re trying to contribute to a greener environment, EPDM is the way to go. It’s one way to stay away from petroleum-based roofing and generally utilizes recycled products in its manufacture. Since it comes in white, it reflects sunlight and helps lower your building’s energy consumption. EPDM roofing is also compatible with rooftop gardens, aids in improving air quality and reduces the temperature within the building even further. Also, when EPDM reaches the end of its lifespan, it can be recycled and used as new roofing material.

  1. It’s Easy to Maintain

Unlike most traditional roofing materials, like felt, EPDM requires virtually no maintenance after installation. The waterproof membranes are permanently flexible and have a life expectancy similar to the material itself. It’s resistant to aging, but regular maintenance is required to ensure everything works properly all year round.

  1. It’s Weather-Resistant

As a property owner, you’ll find yourself worrying about how waterproof your roofing material is, especially if you’re dealing with an old roof that’s beginning to deteriorate. Leaks can result in major damage to your interiors and the roofing itself if it’s unable to support the weight of the pooling water.

But, when you choose EPDM roofing for your property, be it old or new, you can put your mind at ease as it’s resistant to external elements like weather. It’s also highly efficient at preventing water from entering the property and can keep you protected for years. Along with water, it also repels algae, so if you’ve previously faced problems with moss growing on your roof, EPDM can eliminate that problem.

EPDM is the perfect roofing material for residential, commercial and industrial properties. It offers many benefits, while also giving your property a protective layer at budget-friendly prices. However, proper installation is needed to maximize its benefits. Make sure you consult a reliable roofing contractor who can install it correctly.

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