How to Maintain Your Flat Roof in Spring (5 Simple Tips)

Spring brings with it spring cleaning and home maintenance. One area of our homes that often gets ignored but requires regular maintenance to ensure its structure stays strong is the roof.

Inspecting and cleaning your flat roof every spring is important because winter wrecks havoc on it. Recovering from such harsh weather means getting it ready for April showers and temperature fluctuations; otherwise, its performance and lifespan will be affected.

Here are a few suggestions from the experts at our roofing company to upkeep your flat roofing system this spring.

5 Important Flat Roof Maintenance Tips for Spring 


Spring is here and your roof needs maintenance to ensure it keeps performing without sustaining permanent damages. We’ve prepared a list of handy tips for keeping your roof in top condition this spring.

1) Inspect the Roof

Inspection is an important part of roof maintenance. It helps you understand the problem and what needs to be done to address it. Look for cracked or impaired caulking, and missing or broken shingles, punctures, bird nests, and debris on fascia and vents.

2) Make Repairs

If you come across leaks, holes, or broken shingles that need to be repaired, contact your roofing contractor to get the issue fixed as soon as possible. Roof repairs should never wait long in order to prevent further damage and additional maintenance expenses.

3) Clean the Gutters

Gutters are the most affected part of your roof in winter because debris tends to build up in them. Gutters clogged by dried leaves, twigs, and dirt can’t properly drain rainwater. Make sure you thoroughly clean them using a gutter scoop to reduce the risk of water ponding on or flooding your roof.

4) Check for Mould or Algae

A buildup of rooftop dirt can develop into a serious mould or algae infestation thanks to increased humidity, so inspect your roof carefully. If you find something, spray and wash it with a half-and-half mix of water and bleach. To prevent them from reoccurring, keep your roof clean.

5) Trim Trees

If your home is surrounded by trees and the branches are too close to your roof, it is advisable to trim them. Apart from shedding leaves that clog drains, broken tree branches can damage your roof and puncture the surface.


A well-maintained roof helps minimize many issues, including leaks, interior damage, mould growth, and deteriorated soffits. Follow these maintenance tips to ensure your roof stays safe and strong in spring. Don’t forget to get your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor to identify problems and address them before it’s too late.

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